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War Room Rules

Hey, Warriors:

I'm noticing that people who have been pretty regular in the war room are starting to drop out due to too much chatter and not enough war. I'd like to remind everybody that the room's main purpose is to write, not talk.

The room provides options for private chats that don't scroll through the main window (I should know, I use them a lot!), so I'd like to ask people to, in general, take conversations that go much beyond "at the :15? Going! Gone! Time!" to those private chats, so that the main room is uncluttered for the purposes of word wars. It can be dismaying to log in and see vast scroll of chat with no indication of a war ever happening.

I know we all use the space as an AUGH or a spleen-venting or a brainstorming or just a little social interaction space from time to time, and that's okay, but by and large we should all (myself included, it's not like I'm not guilty of this) say "Can I rant?", get the rant out, and then wind it down.


-mizkit/CE Murphy/Catie, Dropper Of Anvils :)

Basic Etiquette

  • When a war is going on, please keep chatter to a minimum! If you must chat, create another room!
  • Feel free to create another room and invite anyone you want into it for any purpose. You can type something like /join chat to create a general chat room.

How to have a War

A war is a time for everyone to put their heads down and focus for thirty minutes. When a war is to be started, someone proposes a time; because everyone is a different timezone, wars simply start using the minutes. i.e, start a war at :30 or :45. In 30 minutes, come back to the chat and tell people how many words you got. Congratulate everyone for spending some focus time! Hopefully you can achieve your goals! If not, then you can commiserate!

Inviting friends

New warriors are always welcome, so long as they adhere to the war room rules. See you in the wars! Please note that an invitation code is required. Please see any experienced warrior for the code.

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